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Takkiainen (a combination word that ties together the meanings of two Finnish words: takki, a coat, and takiainen, a bur) is an unconventional clothing project by Com-pa-ny. It is based on Aamu Songís original idea from 1997. The concept was developed further in 2004 by Aamu Song together with Johan Olin, and turned into a piece of clothing with dressmaker Sari Manner. In the exhibition, six different size jackets are available for the visitorsí test fitting in a virtual city space. A demo video illustrates how the jackets behave.

Takkiainen is a jacket for lonely or bored people. It is designed to help the wearer to get in contact with others. Since we brush against each other every day as we move around in the city, we can use our clothes as a medium for meeting people and communicating with them.

The jacket is made out of Velcro strips of different widths that have been sewn together side by side to form alternating hook and pile stripes. When these materials touch each other, they grab onto each other. The lonely user can be happily connected with other loners simply by walking around in the jacket. Even babies can be attached to their parents.

Although Aamu Song and Johan Olin have not been trained as fashion designers, they are both interested in clothes. They have developed such peculiar projects as Ground Furniture - pants that literally plant the wearer to the ground, and Safety Skirt Ė a combination of a skirt and stockings that prevents underpants from showing from under a mini skirt. One of Aamuís most recent projects is a huge red dress for one singer and an audience of 238 people sitting in the dressís pockets. The Reddress Concert premiere took place in Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark in August 2005.

Together Song and Olin form Com-pa-ny, Design Practice for Product, Space and Graphics. It was founded in 2000, and is part of the design collective Anteeksi. The Com-pa-ny Design Practice team has designed interiors from kindergartens to nightclubs. The team has also organized workshops on unconventional topics, such as the potato.

Aamu Song and Johan Olinís positive design approach is focused on urban street life. They are inspired by everyday life. Their design makes use of existing methods, but does not follow conventions or serve traditional purposes. Although the designs are unorthodox, they are functional. A subtle hint that suggests the intended use of the product is always present. Song and Olin strive to discover new ways to approach all issues. In their designs the potential user comes first, the client second.

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