The project has been sponsored by:
SunSauna Ltd. – wooden parts and elements Tonester Ltd. – the divan made of the Durat material
Audioriders Ltd. – sound realization

HOT & COOL Sauna received the red dot award for design concept in 2005, concept category: Habitat

The New Urban Sauna

The Finnish industrial design firm Pentagon Design approaches the traditional sauna with a new twist.

Sauna in Finland
Sauna has been a fundamental part of the Finnish lifestyle for more than 2,000 years. During that time, it has evolved from smoke-filled embankments into the modern day sauna, equipped with electric stoves and often located within houses or apartment buildings. Early Finnish saunas carried some similarities to the sweat lodges of the Native American people, which were considered fundamental to spiritual life. While the main goal of the Finnish sauna has always been to promote relaxation and contentment, the spiritual aspect plays a major part in taking a sauna bath even in contemporary Finland.

Innovative approach
Pentagon Design has a fresh approach to the sauna culture. Their innovative “HOT & COOL” concept transforms the traditional sauna into a soothing and invigorating, multi-sensory relaxation center. The “HOT & COOL” intelligent sauna suite utilizes heat, steam and light to produce enhancing and relaxing experiences. In addition to the traditional sauna stove, the intelligent sauna has various heat sources, which free the design from the classic two or three level benches.

The sauna divans are adjustable and temperature controlled. The lighting is also adjustable to create specific atmospheres. The intelligent sauna is wired for entertainment and hi-tech. Sauna bathers are able to relax and enjoy the uplifting atmosphere. The multifunctional sauna creates a spa-like environment with affluence whether practicing hot yoga, meditation or just relaxation with a favorite show on TV.

Pentagon Design won the “Intelligent Furniture – Intelligent Space” design competition in Finland with their “Hot and Cool” concept. The design team consists of industrial designers Arni Aromaa and Sauli Suomela together with interior architect Pia Thurman.

Asko Ahokas

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