Dance Shoes





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Tanssitossut are manufactured and sold by Huopaliike Lahtinen in Jämsä, one of the traditional centers of the Finnish felt industry.

The red felt shoes with rubber soles are meant for the father and a young daughter to use together. The shoes offer a fresh take on the Finnish tradition of making boots out of felt inherited from Russia. As part of the designers' ongoing project titled `Top Secrets of FinlandŽ, Tanssitossut also contribute to the effort to keep the age-old industries specific to Finland alive by revealing "the secret luxuries of Finland" to general audiences through the means of design.

Tanssitossut (Finnish for Dance Shoes) are based on the standard felt slipper model of the manufacturer and available in sizes 38-48 for the adult and 20-24 for the child. They are 100 % pure wool.